Welcome to LUXURY AESTHETICS clinics!

LUXURY AESTHETICS, as the most renowned aesthetic clinics in Romania, due to the prowess of the doctors, high-end technologies and commitment for excellence in aesthetics, comes to meet all your special requirements, capitalizing on the most innovative treatments and techniques in order to enhance your beauty.

Our philosophy is to treat you as an individual and to indulge you with the most suitable treatments for your own purposes; therefore all our advanced treatments are personalized after a complimentary consultation in an extremely safe environment. Attention to the finest details, diligence, endeavor for optimal results and contentment in the long term, professional services and products are the features that define the concept of the LUXURY AESTHETICS clinics.

Exceptional results will be achieved by our proficient team of doctors, with thorough knowledge and experience acquired locally and internationally. Each patient has particular objectives, a unique anatomy and different lifestyles, parameters which will be incorporated in a personalized plan of treatment. Within the free consultation, along with the professional advice, you will also be provided with real “before-after” photos, in order to have an accurate image of the desired treatments. At LUXURY AESTHETICS, we cater to all your beauty and health requirements!

Whether you are interested in any of the treatments listed below, choose now one of our LUXURY AESTHETICS clinics:

  1. Medical Aesthetics:

    1. Lip Augmentation;
    2. Treatment of under-eye Bags and Dark Circles;
    3. Eyebrows Lift;
    4. Breast Enlargement without surgery;
    5. Treatment of Scars and Spots: Medical Chemical Peeling/ Microdermabrasion;
    6. Face Lift without surgery (“liquid face lift);
    7. Face Lift with suspension threads;
    8. Mesotherapy;
    9. Treatment of Excessive Sweating with Botox;
    10. Fat Removal with Lipolysis;
    11. Cheek Enhancement and Redefining;
    12. Rhinoplasty without surgery;
    13. Permanent Hair Removal;
    14. Treatment of Varicose Veins;
    15. Micro-Liposuction;
    16. Lipofiling.
  2. Plastic Surgery:

    1. Breast Surgery: Breast Enlargement, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Change in Breast Implant;
    2. Face Surgery: Total Face Lift/ Mini Face Lift, Cervical (Neck) Lift, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Chin Implant, Rhinoplasty, Eyebrow Lift;
    3. Body Surgery: Total Abdominoplasty/ Mini Abdominoplasty, Liposuction (abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks); Buttock Enhancement, Surgery of Scars, Excision of Skin Tumors.
  3. Laser and IPL Therapies:

    1. Permanent Hair Removal;
    2. Face Rejuvenation with Laser;
    3. Vascular Lesions Removal with Laser;
    4. Hyperpigmented Lesions Removal;
    5. Acne Treatment;
    6. Scars Treatment.